Publication Week For Joyous Lies

Publication Week For Joyous Lies

What a week!  My second novel, Joyous Lies, launched Monday, February 15, 2021.

JoyousLiesBookBannerPerhaps it is because I am not a quick writer, taking about 18 months to write each book, I did not experience the so-called “sophomore slump” in sending this book out into the world.

Perhaps also it is because the subject matter was completely different than that of Lipstick on the Strawberry.

For Joyous Lies, I had to do a lot more research. This is what I learned.

I learned all about plants and trees and their amazing powers of perception, which we arrogant humans are just beginning to understand.

I learned about organic farming, because that’s what my hippie characters did, once they realized they actually had to earn a living on their commune.

I learned about alternate child-rearing practices because I was writing about hippies. I learned about the Vietnam War and the draft resisters because that is what my communards were.

I learned about animal activists, what they were protesting, and the lengths to which they would go.

And most fun, I learned about some of the crafts my hippie characters got into, cloth dyeing, spinning and knitting—and raising angora rabbits for their fur.

I met some amazing and wonderful people on the way, people who shared their expertise and gave me a glimpse into their enthusiasms. I thank them all, and I thank you for reading Joyous Lies!