Have a cuppa, sit awhileWelcome to my webpage, Coming Home. Whether you’ve lived in many places, as I have, or like to nest, as I also like to do, there is nothing like coming home. A warm house, friendly faces, and a cup of something comforting is the best nourishment for body and soul. “Sit down and have a cuppa,”  my mother used to say to the stream of visitors who knocked at our back door.  As she rolled piecrust or chopped vegetables, the droppers-in talked about their lives. My mother’s family were great story-tellers. Pretending not to listen, I heard stories about war, about money troubles, about difficult mothers-in- law, about unexpected pregnancies, about weddings, and about men who gambled and men who bought flowers on a whim and about others who never did, not even on your birthday. All these life stories – women’s stories – are compost, to borrow a gardening term, for the writer. How to write their stories became my dream. Of course novels are not real life. Deconstructing and repacking experience, trying to wrestle meaning out of randomness, is the writer’s task. Telling stories seems the best way to get at the truth. Writing and cooking share this in common. If done well, they turn raw ingredients into something you can’t put down till you’ve finished the whole thing. In these pages you’ll find occasional recipes, and more often, my reviews of books – mainly by lesser known women authors. I hope you enjoy them. The sisterhood – it’s what we writers of Women’s Fiction believe in.