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Everything We Keep

By Kerry Lonsdale Lake Union Publishing August 2016 Amazon alerted me to the upcoming publication of this debut novel. Normally I read randomly, although constantly, and am usually way behind. But this was a book of Women’s Fiction and though I don’t know Kerry, I recognized her name as a founder of the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association, to which I belong. This story grabbed me from the very first sentence, “On our wedding day, my fiancé, James, arrived at the church in a casket.” Aimee and James had known each other since childhood, and both were expected to carry on their respective family businesses. But with James’ demise, Aimee’s life-plan has to undergo a radical change. It takes her a while to get there. While this quick summary may lead you to think that the ending is inevitable, it was not. The plot twists and turns and I really did not guess quite how it would turn out. Everything We Keep is a page turner. Somehow the expression “page swiper” does not have the same ring. Yet that is how we read on the e-reader. So page-turner it remains. Enjoy.

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