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Summer In The Garden

Garden MintLinda Larson, fellow gardener, fellow author, and most importantly, my friend, sent me the loveliest note about my book reviews on this blog. She said, “I just loved your book reviews, your voice was so engaging, so specific about what you loved in the books.  It was like I was sitting in your living room hearing you tell me about the books.” Thank you, Linda! Actually, I thought about Linda and her passion for gardens when I wrote my last post on the Cambridge Botanic Garden. The link between gardens and writing is not just that they share the word “plot.” Both are creative, deeply idiosyncratic endeavors. Done well, they survive the seasons, offer variety and surprise, and calm the soul. Linda writes about gardens in her blog, A Traveling Gardener ( She and her photographer/wood-and- metal artist husband Rich have visited public gardens around the world. She shares what they learned and saw in her beautifully illustrated book, available on Amazon, The Traveling Gardener, Wandering, Wondering, Noticing…: A Collection of Essays and Photographs Celebrating Gardens Near and Far. It’s July, and gardens are in bloom. I planted herbs in pots today – can never have enough.  

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