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How Green Is Your Orange?

We had a prolific orange tree growing in our back yard when I was a kid and now I grow two lovely trees in our own back garden. In winter they bear globes of fruit in that luscious color. It never occurred to me that oranges were not always the color orange. Let alone that growers in some areas of this country dye the fruits to get that color. I was shocked to read that the FDA allows this, especially as the dye, Citrus Red 2, contains ingredients that may be carcinogenic. Read about it at the FDA’s own website here. You’ll see that the FDA only allows the oranges (which remain green if grown in  tropical climates) to be dyed if they are not  “intended for processing.” Whatever that means. Does “processing” mean juicing? Does processing mean zesting? I do both all the time. Have you ever seen a supermarket orange that’s labeled “Use only if not intended for processing?” Arizona and California do not allow Citrus Red 2. Florida, with a wetter, warmer climate does. You might want to ask where your grocery store’s oranges come from. As for me, I’m lucky we can grow our own. And I intend to eat these only, from now on, in their winter season. Margaret Recipe Card1

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