Lipstick on the StrawberryLipstick on the Strawberry

Published in July, 2017 by The Wild Rose Press, Lipstick on the Strawberry has earned consistent five star reviews.

Caterer Camilla Fetherwell has always felt unable to live up to her academic family’s expectations. If they are super-respectable, she feels only at home in the kitchen. But while she can chop, simmer or bake food for the weddings of others, her own personal life feels flat as a fallen soufflé. Returning to England for her father’s funeral, she unearths a family secret which makes her wonder if everything is as it seems. Will she be able to uncover the truth, switching the salt and vinegar of her relationships to the sweetness love brings?

Reviewer and novelist Judith Starkston Hand of Fire (Fireship Press, 2014) called Lipstick on the Strawberry “a sophisticated romance with depth and emotional power. A food photographer puts lipstick on a strawberry in order to make it gleam deliciously, if deceptively… It is also the perfect metaphor for the intertwined themes of this book. Not everything is as it first appears. There are so many layers to this tale, you’ll stay glued. There is so much that’s smart and graceful about this book, you’ll stay alive and engrossed.”

Lipstick on the Strawberry, by Margaret Ann Spence is available in paperback at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona and at Orinda Books in Orinda, California.

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